Frequently asked questions

What are epoxy countertops?

Epoxy countertops are made with a two part epoxy that is specially formulated for countertops. It is food safe, non-porous, heat safe, non-yellowing, scratch resistant, 0 VOCs - quite different from the other epoxies that you may be familiar with. The first layer of epoxy contains the coloring and the second coat is just a flood coat. Each pour is about 1/8" thick. If you get scratches in your epoxy - I will be able to come back in the future and sand out and polish the top coat back to its original shine.

What substrate do you use?

We use MDF as our substrate. It is primed and colored and then the epoxy goes on. All sink cutouts and areas by the dishwasher are painted with Red Guard in case of water/steam penetration.

I have a large U shaped kitchen with no breaks - can I still have seamless countertops?

Yes! In the case of long continuous or U shaped countertops that make it impossible for me to move or get it into your house - countertops are manufactured without epoxy and installed and seamed in your kitchen and then poured to produce a seamless countertop! This is a special install and pour and will require masking off the cabinets and floor and will tie up your kitchen for a few days. The end product though will be awesome!

How long does it take from templating to installation?

It can vary slightly with the size of the job - usually around two weeks. This gives the epoxy time to cure well before transporting the countertops. Before I start though I like to have time to work out the coloring and style with each customer. Depending if sample boards need to be made up - this time will be outside of the 2 weeks.

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